I’ve just encountered a bug!

  1. Go to the GitHub Issues page and report the issue.
  2. Disable and reenable the Add-on. This should fix it in most cases.

What’s the difference between “non-live” and offline?

Non-live are channels either re-streaming a previous broadcast or redirecting to another stream.

It doesn’t display my favorite channels when they are online!

You probably haven’t added any channels to the channels manager yet. To open it, click Manage in the panel or open it via the extension’s settings.

How do I go to the extension’s settings?

Right click the extension icon in the toolbar above and select Manage Extension.

Alternatively open the Add-ons manager in Firefox. To open it, click on the menu button and then Add-ons or open a new tab and type about:addons in the URL-bar. Click the Preferences button in the row of this extension in the Add-ons manager and you’re done.

When I add a channel, it doesn’t add the channel but a lot of other channels

See Adding a singe channel.

Why isn’t the extension in the language my browser is in?

That’s most likely because it hasn’t been translated into it yet. You can help translating it on Transifex.

I want to hear a sound whenever I get a notification

Because there seems to be demand for this I’ve decided to create an extension that plays a sound whenever a notification is shown. You can get it here.

What are all these permissions used for?

  • Access browser tabs: Decide if a notification needs to be shown, switch to already opened tabs of streams when opening them
  • Display notifications to you: To show notifications when channel states change and when a channel is copied to the clipboard or an error occurs within the extension
  • storage: To save the extension settings
  • alarms: To update channel statuses regularly
  • Input data to the clipboard: Copy channel URL in a predefined pattern to the clipboard, copy debugging information
  • Download files and read and modify the browser’s download history: Export settings, channels and users
  • Monitor extension usage and manage themes: Detect the presence of Streamlink Helper
  • Store unlimited amount of client-side data: Ensure the database is not deleted
  • Access your data for https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/*: Check the status of YouTube channels
  • Access your data for https://livestream.com/api/*: Check the status of livestream.com channels
  • Access your data for https://tmi.twitch.tv/*: Check the hosting status of Twitch channels
  • Access your data for http://www.ustream.tv/*: Add UStream channels by username
  • Access your data for http://*.api.channel.livestream.com/2.0/*: Check the status of old livestream channels
  • Access your data for https://www.majorleaguegaming.com/api/*: Check the status of MLG.tv channels
  • Access your data for https://streamapi.majorleaguegaming.com/service/streams/*: Get info of MLG.tv channels

See https://support.mozilla.org/kb/permission-request-messages-firefox-extensions for explanations what permissions allow an extension to do in general.