Notifications Screenshot The Live Stream Notifier extension for Firefox shows you a notification, whenever a followed channel on Twitch, Hitbox, Ustream, Livestream,, Azubu or YouTube goes live. But the notifications don't stop there: you can also get notifications when a stream changes the title or goes offline.

You can manage the followed channels with a powerful channels manager, which lets you auto import all the channels you follow with one click, add all channels a user follows or just add a single channel. Of course it also lets you remove channels.

Sometimes you miss notifications, but thanks to the handy panel, accessed by a button, which has a red dot if any channel is live, you always have access to all the channels the extension is monitoring. You can open their archive page or refresh them. The panel has three different styles, a compact one, if you follow a lot of people, a more spaceous one and a layout with thumbnails of the livestreams.

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Normal Panel Screenshot
Panel and manager with current streams
Dark Theme Screenshot
Dark theme
Panel with Thumbnails Screenshot
Explore new channels with previews
Context Panel Screenshot
Context menu with actions
Compact Panel Screenshot
Compact mode for power users
Add Channel in Manager Screenshot
Add channels from many different providers