This extension is a spare-time project by Martin Giger. A thank you to all translators and opportunal contributors.


The extension initially started as “Qubetubers Notifier”. It was dedicated to notifying the user if a stream of the gaming community Qubetubers went live. Back then the main channels were on livestream and there was a channel on Twitch, which was just a gamer-based skin for, like YouTube Gaming is these days.

I eventually decided to generalize the extension as version 2.0 to support any or Twitch channel. That’s where the short name “jtvn” and the URL come from. It was called “ Stream Notifications”. The first version under that name got released on November 4th 2012.

The panel was added soon after and then I started to slowly generalize the extension to support multiple providers.

Generalizing it for any provider needed a lot of work, but also made the extension solider than ever. The initial version with support for other providers than Twitch and was released as version 3.0.0 on May 16th 2015.

Sadly got shut down before 3.0.0 was finished and I had to pull that code out. I also decided to do the rebranding to “Live Stream Notifier” and the new icon already.

From there on all the providers now listed on the Providers page were added. Some were already removed again, because they ceased to exist since. Many other features started to come in, once 3.0.0 was finally finished.

For the big Firefox Quantum (57) release, all code had to be moved to the new WebExtension format. Which was a feat that lasted almost a year, but brought with itself some improvements like import and export as well as better redirect visualization in the panel.